Fun & Easy DIY Craft to try this CHRISTMAS season!

This Christmas craft is not only easy to make but also incredibly inexpensive.

Transforming a simple picture frame and a festive Christmas gift bag into a unique and personalized piece of Christmas decor is a fun project that anyone can do.

In this blog post, I will guide you through the step-by-step process of creating this delightful Christmas craft.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter, this DIY project is sure to bring Christmas joy and creativity to your holiday season.

So, let’s get started and unleash your inner artist!

Grab yourself a picture frame from Dollar Tree or any you have lying around.

Remove everything from it, but keep the back cardboard near. We will use it in a bit.

You’ll also want to remove the clips from it.

Lightly sand the frame and wipe all dust away.

You can leave the frame in the original color, or you can paint in the color of choice. I painted this one white, and after it dried, I lightly distressed it.

Get yourself a festive Christmas gift bag, specifically one that has a design in the center.

Cut off the front side of the bag and adhesive it to the back cardboard that came with the frame.

Using a sharp blade knife and very carefully, cut off the center design.

Attach the design on the top of the frame using hot glue.

Add a small piece of foam to the middle, top frame with hot glue.

You can now add any greenery and embellishments you’d like to the foam. I added greenery picks from Dollar Tree, a pine cone, and some frosted berries.

And that’s it!

What a fun, easy, and festive Christmas DIY craft you can use for your home decor this year!

Will you give it a try?!

Don’t forget that you can watch the step-by-step video tutorial here below, plus three additional frame Christmas DIY crafts.

Have fun creating!


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