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Use Cardboard Boxes To Create Stunning Christmas Decor

Lately, I have been OBSESSED with creating beautiful Christmas decor using cardboard. The possibilities are literally endless when it comes to the amount of creations we can make using trashed cardboard.

We likely have stacks of empty boxes waiting to be flatten and recycled. I know we do, all…the…time! The amount of deliveries we get on a weekly basis is insane! So why not use them to create beautiful Home Decor.

I’ll be bold enough to state that cardboard is probably one of the best items to use for crafting and creating. And here’s why:

1. It’s FREE! I mean, need I say more?! We are recycling, reusing and reducing waste, all while saving money.

2. It’s easily accessible. We can a find boxes, literally, anywhere; our homes, stores, businesses, etc.

3. Easy to work with. It cuts and bends very easily. I actually found a knife blade that is AMAZING to use for cardboard cutting. You can find it here.

4. It’s actually fairly durable. Although, made from paper material, cardboard is fairly durable. It holds well when painted and adheres very good. I’ve painted them, hot glued, spray adhered them, among other things and they have held very well.

If you haven’t created and crafted with cardboard, it’s definitely worth a try!

This Christmas season I got super inspired and created multiple festive and beautiful designs, and now have two full videos available on my YouTube Channel dedicated to Christmas decorations using ONLY cardboard. PLUS! There’s a new one coming this weekend! So make sure you’re subscribed to my channel! I’m so excited about continuing to use cardboard to bring you inspiration season after season.

Im going to link both videos here 👇 for you to watch. After you’re done watching them, let me know which one is your favorite?!

Hope you enjoy watching! Have fun creating!


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Fun Rustic Christmas Crafts To Make This Holiday Season

You know I’m all about fun, easy crafts for Christmas, especially if they are dirt cheap! I recently created five super easy Christmas crafts using Dollar Tree wood stems.

These wood stems come in bundles and wrapped in a mesh bag. It comes with thin ones, thick ones, short and taller ones. They are so perfect for crafting in every season, especially in Christmas. Next time you’re at Dollar Tree, make sure you get a few bundles!

I posted the step by step tutorial on my channel on how to make these adorable rustic Christmas crafts, and so many loved them! They are so easy to make, and they are perfect to make with the kiddos too! Of course, with supervision and being very careful with the hot glue. But seriously, how fun!

You can watch the step-by-step tutorial here 👇

After you watch, let me know which one is your favorite?!

Have fun creating, Lianep

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How To Use DOLLAR TREE Rings

Talk about a totally high-end looking item at Dollar Tree! On a recent trip to Dollar Tree I came across these beautiful brass rings. They come three in a pack, in three sizes. The color is already stunning, but, of course, you can spray paint if you’d like.

They are made from a great, durable metal material, but easy to cut using wire cutters. I snatched 2 sets and brought them home.

On a recent video I posted on my YouTube channel, I used these brass rings to make absolutely stunning Christmas decorations.

I made a super glam, high-end looking Christmas wreath with bulbs and greenery.

I also created an adorable snowman by using a small and a medium ring. I also created a unique wreath using drop cloth, that would look fantastic in a front door. And I also made a, lighted wreath by adding a battery operated lighted star to it.

You have to watch and let me know what you think! You can watch the step-by-step tutorial here 👇👇

Which one was your favorite?!

Talk soon … Lianep

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Ok, so hear me out…….$1.25 roll of bright, glittered, iron-on heat vinyl transfer, heat pressed on Drop Cloth, flannel, ceramic and glass.

Wait… don’t believe me?! Think again.

That’s exactly what I did on a recent video. On a recent trip to Dollar Tree I found the most beautiful, vibrant, glittered, heat transfer iron-on vinyl. I had never used it before, so I was intrigued. I purchased red, gold and silver ones and took them home to create the most beautiful and unique Christmas decor.

The first three crafts, were a home run; well, at lease in my opinion 😂. The fourth one, however, was a hot mess. I did leave it in the video so that you learn from my mistakes.

I created a beautiful banner style piece that was just darling! I used flannel fabric and the golden heat transfer iron-on vinyl. I also made the most adorable Christmas napkins using drop cloth and a combination of all three iron-on vinyl. I even took a plate from Dollar Tree and ironed on a golden tree to it! It was perfection. I couldn’t believe it actually worked! And finally, I tried my best to apply the red heat transfer iron-on vinyl on three small vases, but that was a total fail. You’ll have to let me know what you think.

Watch here 👇👇 the step-by-step tutorial, and tell me which is your favorite!

Have fun creating and have a blessed day!


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How To Customize Dollar Store Ornaments

Christmas crafting is in full swing in my studio, and I’m loving it!

I know what you’re thinking; Halloween is not even here yet! What am I doing, right?! I get it! Let me explain.

You see, I Love everything about Christmas. It’s my favorite season and my favorite time of the year to craft. Store isles are filled with Christmas decorations and my viewers are ready to begin Christmas crafting. So why not?! I’m neck deep in Christmas tinsel, lights and ornaments, and I’m in for it.

I’ve already posted several Christmas videos on my YouTube channel. One video, in particular, is all about Christmas ORNAMENTS! I absolutely love hand-making ornaments for Christmas; especially ones I can make on a budget. And that’s exactly what I did.

I took Dollar Tree ornaments and gave them a new, custom look. To some, I added decorative vinyl or painted, and to others, I completely revamped them. In the end, I believe, they all turned out amazing!

I also used a few wood ornaments I got on Amazon, which you can find on my Amazon Store.

You can watch the step-by-step tutorial here 👇👇

I’d love to know which one is your favorite!?

Have fun creating, Lianep

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Did you know that Dollar Tree has an entire section dedicated to stickers? Yes, they do! And not just any stickers, I’m talking about great quality, tons of variety, beautifully designed stickers. I use them all the time for crafting. They are perfect for card making, paper crafting, kids crafts, teacher crafts, and of course, even home decor.

Dollar Tree has done a phenomenal job bringing new items to their Carter’s Square Isles, and these stickers are no exception. Some of my favorites are the farmhouse style, 3d stickers, the faux wood style ones and the seasonal ones.

Recently I crafted some very beautiful and unique Fall DIY Crafts using these stickers, and they are, by far, one of my favorite creations. I used the stickers in such creative ways that it just made them look like they were meant to be used in home decor.

You can watch the step-by-step tutorial here 👇👇 on how I made them, and let me know what you think? Would you be giving these stickers a try?

And don’t forget to let me know which one is your favorite?!

Have fun creating…. Lianep

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The process I Use When Making Wreaths

I absolutely love making seasonal wreaths. I guess you can say wreath making is a staple in my DIY Crafting niche. Through the years I’ve made dozens and dozens of wreaths, for every season, in every color and size you can think of. I’ve made super large ones and tini, tiny ones. From traditional ones made on grapevine wreaths, to not so common ones. In fact, my daughter and I have an inside joke that “whenever I don’t know what else to make….I make a wreath”. And it’s true. It’s my “go-to” craft on my channel.

On this post, I thought I’d share the process I use when creating wreaths. It’s a simple process, actually. However, I feel like I work best when I have a “vision” for it. So, here’s the step by step process I use for creating a wreath.

  1. As mentioned above, I first have a vision for the wreath. I think about the size I want, what season it’s for, colors I want to use, the theme, etc.
  2. I then decide if I want it to be a more traditional one and want to use a grapevine wreath form, foam wreath form or a wire wreath form.
  3. If I decide I don’t want a traditional one, but rather one a bit more unique, I then think….what can I use as the “form” to create this wreath? This is where you can be as creative as you want. I’ve used baskets, hoola hoops, boxes, just name a few.
  4. Once I’ve decided on the form, I then make sure I have the embellishments I need; florals, ribbon, signs, lights, etc.
  5. And finally, I make sure I have plenty of hot glue sticks.

That’s it….this is the process I take to prep for making a seasonal wreath. Once I have everything in place, I begin to create and film.

On a recent video I posted on my YouTube Channel, I created two very unique wreaths using wire wreath forms. You can watch how I made them here 👇👇

Let me know what you think of these wreaths, and which one is your favorite?!

Talk soon…. Lianep

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High-End Fall Decor Ideas On A Budget

I’m going to start this post with a question……What is “High-End Fall Decor”? Or, what is High-End home decor in general? I’ll give you my, unofficial, definition……It is decor that looks like it was made with expensive materials or purchased in a high-end boutique or store. There…that’s my definition of what high end Fall decor is. Ok, so maybe there’s a better definition somewhere, but I think it works. And who doesn’t love high-end looking decor, right? They are beautiful, durable and they tend to be on the larger side. However, the reality is that, although we would all like to decorate our home with high-end decor, not all of us can afford it. And this is why I love what I do.

I love taking inexpensive, and at times, unusual items and turning them into beautiful, high-end looking decor. And I love doing it for every single season.

For example, let’s say I were to take a wired basket from the office isle at the Dollar Tree and turn it into a beautiful piece of Fall decor, would you believe me?! Well…..that’s exactly what I did on a recent video. I created a Fall wreath using a wired basket from the Dollar Tree and it came out absolutely stunning! Seriously. And not only did I make this wreath, I also created several more Fall decor that will blow your mind when you see them. And the best part is; they were all created on a budget.

You can watch here 👇👇👇 the full step-by-step tutorial.

After you watch the tutorial, let me know what you think and which is your favorite?

Talk soon…. Lianep

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GENIUS Ways You Can Use Faux Maple Leaves From The Dollar Store

Have you decorated for fall yet? Just asking because in today’s post I will give you tons of ways you can use Dollar Store faux maple leaves to create beautiful DIY Fall home decor.

You can find these faux maple leaves in packets or in picks, and they come in multiple colors. They are perfect for creating beautiful fall Decor all on a budget. They add tons of color, tons of texture, and just an overall fall vibe. They are also very versatile and can be used in multiple ways; you can glue them, you can toss them, or simply just add to any existing home decor. The possibilities are endless.

Every time I go to the Dollar stores during The Fall season I have to grab several packets and several pics. I use them all the time to create beautiful Home Decor on my YouTube channel. Speaking of my YouTube channel, on a recent video I used these fall maple leaves in multiple ways and you can watch the full, step-by-step tutorial here 👇👇 👇👇

I use them to create a beautiful Fall themed gnome, I crafted a custom fall banner, added them to a thrifted lantern for a cozy look, and glued them to wood round sign for a festive look.

Watch the tutorial and let me know what you think?!?

Talk soon….. Lianep

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Get A Custom, High-End Look With Dollar Tree Pumpkin Signs

Dollar Tree currently has isles and isles full of Fall decor, and I’m loving it! They have tons of options and styles to chose from. And, although I think many of them are absolutely beautiful, I do think they are often too small for my own space. So, what do I do? I use them, glue them, paint them and recreate them into larger, more high-end looking decor! The key is to use them as canvases and add paint, stencils, florals, ribbon and anything else you need to turn them into the style you need and are looking for your home.

Taking $1.25 Dollar Tree items and crafting them into beautiful decor is one of my favorite things to do on my channel. And I have tons of inspiration there for you. From quick and easy, 5 minute crafts, to more intricate ones, I have it all.

You can watch here 👇👇 how I took Dollar Tree Pumpkin Signs and turned them into high-end Fall decor that is perfect for any style!

Dont forget to let me know which one is your favorite!

Talk soon…. Lianep