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Super Festive Handmade CHRISTMAS Decor

Christmas crafting is very common during the weeks leading to Christmas Day. Especially when it comes to making handmade Christmas decor. Many love it and do it Evey year, and others want to but fear it won’t be “good” enough to look Christmassy or festive enough.

I have for you some quick tips on how you can make your own Christmas Decorations on a budget and still look professional and very festive.

1. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Start with visiting dollar stores, or dollar spots at Target. Find festive decorations that you like and go with the theme of your decorations.

2. Find some decorative accents that you can add to these decorations to take them to the next level. Greenery picks, ribbon, berry picks, etc.

3. Now start adding these decorative accents to the Dollar items you found to make them more festive.

4. Don’t be afraid to use the decorations found at the dollar store as accents themselves. If you have a scrap wood board, or even foamcore, you can make a cute Christmas sign.

On the following video I give you four examples on how you can take inexpensive Christmas decor and turn them into custom, one of a kind, festive decor you’d be proud to display for all to see.

You can watch here 👇👇👇

Don’t forget to let me know which one is your favorite?!

Talk soon…Lianep

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