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Handmade CHRISTMAS Ornaments: PART 3

I do not get tired of creating adorable, festive Christmas ornaments. I’ve made tens of ornaments this season already and today I bring you 15 more designs for you to try!

The beauty of hand-making your own Christmas ornaments is that they can be whatever you want them to be. You can also get inspiration from tons of places. And they can be any size. Some of my favorite ornaments to make this year are the oversized ones. They are perfect for larger trees.

Check out how i made these 15 unique, Christmas ornaments here 👇👇

Don’t forget to let me know which one is your favorite?!

Talk soon…. Lianep

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Handmade Christmas Ornaments: Part 2

I recently shared 10, really beautiful, handmade CHRISTMAS Ornament ideas. The feedback was so great, I made it into a three-part series! Today I have for you part TWO, with 10 more stunning ideas!

Let me ask you…..are you a traditional Christmas color person, or are you more into the neutrals, blues, or even other non-traditional colors? I, myself, am a mix of neutrals with reds and tons of white.

These 10 Handmade CHRISTMAS Ornaments are perfect for the more neutral to traditional styles. But even if you’re into the non-traditional colors, you’ll get tons of inspiration to customize them your way.

The wood rounds used on six of the ornaments can be found on my Amazon Store along with other Amazon favorites.

You can watch how I made them here 👇👇

Oh! And don’t forget to tell me which one is your favorite!

Talk soon, Lianep

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Handmade CHRISTMAS Ornaments

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us and what better way to create memories than to gather with friends, family, grandkids and do some Christmas crafting. It’s truly my favorite time of the year.

Christmas crafting has become a staple in our own home. Whether it’s making Christmas cards, Santa Letters or Christmas Ornaments; we make a big deal about it and have tons of fun!

On this post you’ll be able to watch how I created 10 handmade Christmas ornaments, easy, beautiful and on a budget.

And stay tuned, because this is part ONE of a THREE part series coming in the days to come.

You can watch Part ONE here 👇👇

Dont forget to let me know which one is your favorite!!??

Talk soon…Lianep