Chalk Paint vs. Latex Paint: 5 Reasons Why

Chalk paint

Chalk Paint vs. Latex Paint: 5 Reasons Why

Many viewers and people have asked me why I use chalk paint for most of my crafts and furniture. Although the response varies, the answer is always the same…because, in my opinion, it’s better and easier to work with. I have been crafting and painting furniture for over three years now and have used multiple brands and styles of paint. I have made many mistakes and have tried many techniques, but one thing I have learned is that I will chose Chalk paint over latex most of the time.

Many DIYers will tell you that latex paint is fine to use for crafts and furniture painting, and the answer is yes; you can definitely use latex paint to craft and paint furniture, however, is it the best option? It depends on the individual and the budget. Here are the reasons I will chose chalk paint over latex paint 9 out of 10 times.

Chalk paint
  1. A little goes a long way – Chalk paint has phenomenal coverage. It’s texture tends to be thicker than latex paint, and therefore often requires less coats compared to latex paint, especially when it comes to painting furniture. Most chalk paint comes in quart containers and I have found that one quart lasts for multiple furniture painting projects and many crafting projects. Varies from brand to brand.
  2. It’s easier to distress – If you are looking for a distressed, farmhouse look, I highly suggest you use Chalk paint. Farmhouse style is my preferred style and since Chalk paint has a chalky, matte finish, it is the perfect finish for a distressed look. It distresses smooth and easily. Latex paint distresses, but it does not distress as smooth as chalk paint.
  3. Very little odor – Chalk paint has very little, to no odor. This is great if you are painting indoors or if you are sensitive to strong smells.
  4. Dry time – I have learned that chalk paint dries a lot quicker than latex paint. I honestly do not know why this is, but I’m assuming it is due to it’s chalk base. Whatever the reason, I have found that chalk paint does dry quicker.
  5. Cleans off better – Chalk paint is water based and it cleans off of hands and brushes a lot better I clean my brushes after every single use and the paint cleans off very easily. Darker color chalk paints may leave some color behind, but no dry paint is left on brush.

Chalk paint

These are some of the reasons I chose Chalk paint over latex paint for my projects. I do understand that chalk paint is considered a “high-end” paint and it can cost more than latex paint. If budget is a top priority for you, I’s say chose latex, you get way more bank for your buck. However, there are several chalk paint brands that are on the lower end in price; such as, Rustoleum and Behr. These brands can be found online as well as Hoe Depot.

Valspar also carries a chalk paint and it is available at Lowe’s. I am a fan of Rustoleum brand and use it a lot. However, the color choices are limited. If you are looking for more custom colors, I’d say go with Behr at Home Depot.

Hope this information serves you useful. The most important thing I can say is try both styles, and chose what works for you best. There’s no right or wrong, chose what you like and what fits your budget.

Have fun creating and painting!


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