Spring Crafts You Can Sell For Profit

As springtime rolls around, many people find themselves inspired to create colorful and cheerful crafts to celebrate the season. But did you know that making spring crafts can also be a profitable hobby or side business venture? With the rise of online marketplaces and the popularity of handmade goods, there are many opportunities to sell your creations and earn some extra income. From wood door hangers to painted birdhouses, there are endless possibilities for crafting items that are sure to catch the eye of potential buyers. In this blog post, we’ll explore some great spring craft ideas to sell for profit and offer tips for making the creating process easy and fun!

Vertical Wood Spring Block Sign

This beautiful wood sign is such an easy one to make!

I used three wood and square blanks from Dollar Tree and sanded them smoothly.

I then painted two of them white and one in a mint green.

I then added a spring themed stencil to the green one, using white chalk paint. And added a spring themed rub-on transfer from Essential Stencils to the white ones.

I then placed the boards vertically, one above the other, making sure the green one was in the middle.

I joined each board with white ribbon on the back, going from one side to the other, creating a loop on top so that it could be hung.

That’s it! So easy and so beautiful! Because this craft is made from real wood and has a beautiful design, it could be sold for a profit.

Wood Spring Door Hanger

Door hangers are probably one of the most sought-after decor items on online market places. They are perfect to sell because they are seasonal items.

This wood round is real, solid wood, and measures 18″ diameter. It’s huge!!! I purchased it at the hardware store, in their wood isle, under the “table top” section.

I sanded it down a bit for a smooth finish and painted it white with chalk paint.

I chose a beautiful Easter themed stencil from Essential Stencil.

I started with the “Hop on in” portion of the stencil and stenciled it on top of a burlap ribbon.

I then placed the ribbon on the wood round, temporarily, while I stenciled the second part of the stencil, which were bunny silhouettes.

I stenciled the silhouettes with Waverly Chalk Paint in the Moss and then stenciled the third part of the stencil on top of the bunnies with Chalk Paint in the Elephant.

I then added a spring themed rub on transfer to the bottom of the wood round, below the ribbon.

I flipped the wood round and hot glued and stapled the ribbon in place, cutting off any excess ribbon.

I took the wood round to my garage and sprayed it with a Rustoleum top coat in clear.

Once dry, I flipped the wood round and added hooks and wire to be able to hang it.

I added a mix of faux greenery and flowers by stapling and hot gluing them.

This wood roud is absolutely stunning! Love it! PLUS, It would make a huge profit!

Wood Planked Birdhouse Sign

This wood sign is so easy and inexpensive!

I took three Dollar Tree wood hanging shelves and joined them together using paint stirring sticks, which I stained using Rustoleum glaze in the brown tone.

I stapled the sticks and hot glued them for a secure hold. I made sure to leave about a quarter of an inch in between each plank.

I stenciled a beautiful birdhouse stencil using Waverly Chalk Paint in the Moss. I then stenciled the heart stencil on top of the birdhouse using Waverly Chalk Paint in the White.

I threaded jute string through the top two holes on each side of the top plank and knotted them in the front.

That’s it! How easy was that!?

Vertical Wood Spring Porch Sign

This stunning porch sign is huge and perfect for Spring!

I bought a wood plank from the hardware store that measured 1x10x6. I cut off one foot with my miter saw to make it 5 feet tall.

I sanded the board and stained it using Rustoleum glaze in the brown tone.

I added a vertical, spring themed stencil from Essential Stencil that says “Hello Spring”.

I used white, pink, teal, and other spring colors to stencil the design onto the board.

Once dry, I took it to my garage and sprayed it with a clear, Rustoleum top coat.

And bang!!! We have a huge, durable, and totally sellable wood porch sign anyone would want!

What do you think of these ideas!? Which is your favorite?

Don’t forget you can watch the step-by-step video tutorial here below

Have fun creating!


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