Super Easy DIY Crafts Perfect For Spring

Do you decorate for Spring or do you go straight to Summer after Christmas and Winter? A few years back, I used to never decorate for any season, except Christmas. Whatt?! Me, not decorate for the seasons? Seems like forever ago, but really it was only a few years back.

After I started crafting for home decor as a career, I now love decorating for every season and most holidays; at least in some areas in my home. I love the festive feel it brings to our home.

On a recent video I created several crafts that are perfect for Spring, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day!

Read the steps below on how I created them!

Count Your Blessings Farmhouse Spring Sign

This was such an easy sign to make. I started with a Dollar Tree large, flat canvas. I painted it white using Waverly chalk paint.

I then gave it an easy planked look by, evenly, drawing horizontal lines with a ruler and, thin point, permanent marker.

I stained 2 flat dowels using Waverly antiquing wax by wiping it on and removing excess.

I took an Essential Stencil reusable stencil that says “Count your blessing” and stenciled it on top of the, now dried, canvas. I used Waverly chalk paint in the Ink and an Essential Stencils stenciling brush. I used a “new” technique where I add very little paint on the brush, thin it out in a clean surface and remove excess paint on a dry towel. This is so that there is as little paint as possible on the brush. I then applied the paint on the stencil in a circular motion until the entire stencil was stenciled on the surface.

Once it was dried, I hot glued the flat dowels on the canvas; one on top and one on the bottom, making sure I measured and cut them as needed.

I wanted to add a touch of greenery, so I added some leafy greens I had left from a previous project. I hot glued them to the left, upper corner of the canvas.

To finish it off, I took some nautical rope from Dollar Tree and hot glued it to the back of the canvas so we can hang it.

This farmhouse sign turned out adorable!

Romatic Love Spring Sign

This gorgeous sign was made with another Dollar Tree Flat canvas, painted in white chalk paint .

I also stained four falt dowels with the same Waverly antiquing wax, wiped it on and removed excess.

Once the canvas was dry, I added a beautiful, rose themed, rub-on transfer from Essential Stencils. I rubbed it on using a vinyl scraper. I consecutively rubbed while pulling on the plastic until the transfer was completely transferred .

I also added a stencil by Essentail Stencils that quotes 1 Corinthians 13:13; “but the greatest of these is love”. I stenciled it using the same technique mentioned above, using Rust-Oleum Chalk paint in the Farmhouse Red.

I cut and hot glued the flat dowels onto the entire perimeter of the sign.

That’s it! So easy and so beautiful !

St. Patrick’s Day Gnome Vertical Sign

I’l be honest, I am not much of a St. Patrick’s Day decorating kind of gal, but after making this gorgeous vertical sign, I may just add a bit here and there within my home decor this year.

For this sign I used a hanging shelf board from Dollar Tree. I painted it with Waverly chalk paint, giving it one coat.

I added a fun, rub-on transfer from Essential Stencils that has a stunning gnome themed St. Patrick’s Day design. I rubbed it on using the same technique mentioned above.

I then took a St. Patrick’s Day themed reusable stencil from Essential Stencil that quotes “Just a wee bit Irish”. I used a gorgeous green, latex paint by Behr, and stenciled it using the same technique mentioned above.

To cover up the four holes on each corner of the board, I knotted nautial rope from Dollar Tree into tight knots and cut off excess rope from each end. I then hot glued them over each hole.

I added more rope to the back of the board to be able to hang it.

I am in love with this sign! What do you think?

Mini St. Patick’s Day Gnome Sign

This adorable sign is the easiest yet from this group.

I took a small dry erase, mini board from Dollar Tree. I didn’t do anything to it because it already had a gorgeous natural wood tone on it.

I took another gnome, St. Patrick’s Day, rub-on transfer from Essential Stencils and rubbed it on the middle of the board.

To add texture and character, I hot glued some small branches of faux ferns, from Dollar Tree, to the top of the board.

To finish it off, I replaced the jute string the board came with, with a beautiful lace ribbon from Dollar Tree and hot glued it to the back.

This one is tiny, but beautiful!

Romantic Farmhouse Decorative Wood  House

This gorgeous decorative wood house is one I got in a set of 2 at Target dollar spot. It had a dark brown tone on it.

I wanted to give it a more farmhouse look, so I dry-brushed white chalk paint on it until I had the coverage I was looking for.

I then took more the the rose themed, rub-on transfer from Essential Stencils and rubbed on top and bottom.

I cut off excess transfer from the openings using a crafting knife.

I wanted the transfers to have a bit of a distressed look, so I sanded them down just a bit with a sanding block, using a up and down motion.

And that’s it! What a simple, but stunning transformation! I love this one!

Which on is your favorite? I can never chose!

You can also watch the step-by-step video tutorial here 👇

Have fun creating! Lianep

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