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Easy & Fun Fall Decor Using DOLLAR TREE Tiny Pumpkins

Although it may be August, the temperature here in Northeast Ohio has dropped in the, comfortable, 70s and Fall crafting is in full swing in my studio.

Fall is one of my two favorite seasons to craft for. I love everything about it; the colors, the feel of the season and the warmth that comes with the traditions. My filming studio has been transformed into a Fall wonderland, leaves and Pumpkins are everywhere and I’ve already been creating and filming beautiful Fall Crafts.

On a recent trip to Dollar Tree I came across the cutest little pumpkins that came in different colors and styles. I quickly knew that I wanted to make an entire video using these tiny pumpkins. They are so easy to work with. Truly anyone can use them to create beautiful Fall Crafts.

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a new beginner, these tiny pumpkins are the perfect Fall crafting supply for you. They are so versatile, the possibilities are endless.

You can watch here 👇👇 how I used these tiny Dollar Tree pumpkins in different ways to create beautiful Fall DIY Crafts.

Dont forget to let me know which one is your favorite?

Talk soon…..Lianep


Dollar Store Christmas DIY Decor and Crafts

It’s that time of year when your home is likely already decked out for Fall; pumpkins are everywhere and the crisp Fall breeze is felt. Believe it or not, it’s also the time to begin planning your Christmas decor.

Let’s face it……stores have or will soon have their shelves fully stocked with beautiful Christmas decor. So why not begin planning, buying supplies and start creating!

The good news is, whether you buy decor already made, or buy Christmas items and craft supplies to DIY your own, I have some amazing Christmas ideas and inspiration for you…..fifteen to be exact.

These are all Dollar Store Christmas DIYs that are easy, festive and absolutely beautiful. And…..they are all on a budget!

Check them out here 👇 👇

Also….dont forget to let me know which one is your favorite!

Happy crafting



DIY Summer fabric, chicken wire wreath

On this post I will guide you step-by-step on how to make your own Summer fabric wreath with chicken wire, all on a budget. We often want to create our own decor but don’t have a clue where to begin or what we will need. This Summer fabric, chicken wire wreath is the perfect addition to your home decor. Whether it’s for the front porch or for your indoor decor, it will add color and all the summer feels your home needs. It can be customizable to any color and size too!

What you will need:

Wire wreath form (small or large)

Fabric of choice

Crafting chicken wire

Faux Summer floral pick

Jute rope

Hot glue gun

Wire cutters

Many of the these supplies can be found at Craft Stores, Dollar Stores and I also have them on my Amazon Store. Click here to visit my Amazon Store!

Follow the steps bellow to complete the project. Please be very careful when using tools and hot glue gun. Follow all safety measures and read applicable instructions prior to using tools.

  • First take the fabric you’ve chosen and cut a few strips, about 2” wide. Cut as long as you think you need. You can always cut more if you need to.
  • Take the wire wreath form, fabric strips and glue gun.
  • Hot glue the first spot on the fabric to ensure it is secure
  • Begin wrapping the fabric all around the wreath form, until the entire wreath form is wrapped. If you run out of fabric strips in the middle of wrapping, just secure with hot glue, and add another strip of fabric until the entire wreath form is completely wrapped.

  • Take the crafting chicken wire, lay it flat on a smooth surface and lay the wrapped wreath form on top.
  • Take the wire cutters and cut the crafting chicken wire all around the wreath form. Don’t worry about being extremely precise as we will trim it in a next step.
  • Take the wreath form and lay it face down
  • Place a heavy strip of hot glue on the back side.

  • Quickly and carefully, place the crafting chicken wire on top of the hot glue. You can use a silicone brush or finger protector to press down on the crafting chicken wire until glue has hardened.
  • Add another heavy strip of hot glue on top of the crafting chicken wire and wreath form and press with the silicone brush or finger protector to ensure the crafting chicken wire is fully attached.
  • Once the hot glue has cooled down and hardened, cut off the excess crafting wire from the edge using the wire cutters.
  • Cut off a piece of the jute rope to your desired length.
  • Hot glue both ends to each side of the back of the wreath.
  • Flip the wreath right side up.
  • Take the faux flower pick and cut as many branches as you’d like.
  • You can now add the branches to the bottom left corner of the front of the wreath. You can hot glue them, but I suggest you simply weave the branches in between the crafting chicken wire until they are secure.
  • Continue to add flower branches until you are happy with the result.

You now have a custom, DIY wreath ready to be hung and displayed for the Summer days ahead!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!

Until the next one!



DIY Decorative Picket Fence with Faux Flowers

On this post I will guide you step-by-step on how to create your own decorative picket fence with flowers all on a budget! This decorative fence measures 21″ wide and 12″ tall and it’s a perfect addition to any seasonal decor.

Supplies needed:

(7) regular size painter stirring sticks

(2) Large paint stirring sticks

Paint of choice

(6) Faux flower stems

Jute cord in color of choice


Follow the steps bellow step-by-step until reaching the final step.

  • First you’ll want to stack the 7 painters sticks all on top of each other and secure with painters tape.
  • Mark an upside down “V” shape on the flat side top (not the rounded side)…just like you see on the photo above
  • Use a miter saw or a miter box and match the lines you drew as close as possible to an angle to cut with. Please make sure to read all instructions and use proper safety gear when operating power tools or any other cutting tools.
  • Then you’ll want to place the 2 large painter’s sticks on a flat surface
  • Place the 7 smaller painter’s sticks on top of the large painter’s sticks. Make sure the “cut” side are facing up. Also make sure to leave about 1.5 inches from the bottom and about 3 inches on from the top, as you see in the picture. I suggest you start with the ones at each end and then, evenly, stagger the remaining 5 sticks in the center.
  • Carefully staple each small painter’s stick to the large one on both the top and bottom, by placing two staples at each joint to ensure stability. You can also glue them with wood glue or hot glue.

  • You can now paint or stain the sticks in the desired color you’d like and let them fully dry.
  • You can leave the sticks painted as is or you can add distressing on them as much or as little as you want. You can distress using a dry brush technique or by adding antiquing wax where desired. On my picket fence I distressed it using antiquing wax by Waverly in the brown tone.
  • Now it’s time to add the flowers. You can use any faux flowers you’d like. The ones I used were from the Dollar Tree. I bundled 2 stems in each group, to make 3 groups, and tied them using white jute cord from Walmart. You can also glue them in place if need to.

Once you’ve completed each step you should have a beautiful, custom, DIY decorative picket fence to use for seasons to come. As seasons change, you can change the flowers as needed.

You can also watch the step-by-step tutorial on my YouTube channel! And don’t forget to subscribe!

Thanks for reading friends and have a blessed day!

Until the next one,



10 Ways to save money while crafting

We all know that crafting can get expensive, but lets be real….we need crafting like we need food sometimes! LOL. So today I will share 10 things I do to help save money while crafting.

  1. I reuse old crafts – Many times I craft something that I use seasonally. Once the season is over, I break it apart and save what can be salvaged for other crafts (florals, ribbon, etc.)
  2. Avoid using hot glue whenever possible hot glue is my best friend when crafting, but it could ruin some crafts once removed. But if you use hot glue, it’s ok, just remove carefully so that the supplies can be reused as much as possible. An alternative could be using wire, ribbon, or jute twine instead.
  3. Keep scraps in a “scrap box”. Wood scraps, leftover ribbon, among other, can be reused for other crafts. You have no idea how often I use scraps for projects, allowing me to save money while crafting. scrap wood box
  4. Use what you have at home; bottles, old pillow cases, old stuffed animals, old gift bags, old curtains, etc. I love using things that I have at home and no longer need for new things. Before going to the store to buy new things, think about what you already have at home.
  5. Use trash…literally. Cans, spaghetti sauce bottles, boxes, etc. All these things can be turned into beautiful home décor and organization items. box
  6. Shop at thrift stores – this is a no-brainer. I shop at thrift stores all the time! You can find home décor that can be updated, fabrics from clothes , bedding or curtains that can be used for multiple projects. Click HERE to watch a video of me thrift shopping.
  7. Clearance sales at stores. Every store has a “clearance” section selling seasonal items at a very discounted price. Even if the season is over, think about saving it for next year. I do this all the time with florals and Christmas décor.
  8. Where do I buy craft supplies? It all depends on what I am looking for. If I need inexpensive temporary home décor I use a lot of Dollar Tree items. For supplies that I can reuse, tools , etc. I often go to Amazon. In my opinion their supplies are better quality. Walmart has really good craft items at a decent price. I avoid craft stores due to they tend to be more expensive, but when I do shop there I use coupons. Hardware stores are my favorite place to find free or inexpensive wood scraps. You can also buy a large piece of wood and have them cut it for you for a small charge, saving you money for buying in bulk. I also buy my power tools from them or Amazon. Click HERE to watch a video on how I find scrap wood at the hardware store.
  9. I wash my paint brushes after every single use with a wire brush. I used to save them in a plastic bag if I had multiple coats to do, but this caused some of the paint Wire brush to harden on the base of my brush. Doing this has saved me a lot of money. Click HERE for a link to the wire brush I use.
  10. I stay as organized as possible. When I see clutter, I feel frustrated and often start cleaning and throw away more than I should. It’s good to clear out things that I won’t use, but having a place for everything, like a “scrap box” helps me save money and stay organized. Click HERE to watch a video on me organizing my studio.

Hope this information brings you a bit insight at some money-saving tips I’ve learned through the years. Have a great day!!


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